carboNXT rCF compound

Innovation with this product


We have developed various compounds with recycled carbon fibers for use in injection molding processes. These carbon fiber-reinforced plastic granulates are particularly impressive due to their low weight, low thermal expansion, electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance.

Our carboNXT compounds are available in various filling grades and with various polymers such as polypropylene, polycarbonate and polyamide.


PP rCF 30     Unit Value
MVR (ISO 1133 / +275°C)   cm³/10min 2,8
Density (ISO 1183)   g/cm³ 1,0
Ash content (ISO 3451 / +625°C)   %  
Tensile modulus (ISO 527)   MPa 14.500
Stress at break (ISO 527)   MPa 110
Strain at break (ISO 527)   % 1,2
Charpy impact strength (ISO 179 1eU / +23°C)   kJ/m² 52
Charpy notched impact strength (ISO 179 1eA / +23°C)   kJ/m² 7