Corporate Policy

Through an integrated management system Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials is constantly aligned to environmental and quality management. We use the system to evaluate our activities, to control our business processes and as a basis for decisions. We focus on the corporate environment and want to systematically identify and best meet the requirements of all interested parties.

The following principle is the core of our corporate policy:

Building trust and achieving common goals.

This means for us:
Obligations or agreements concluded with our company are also binding for all internal services involved.
We are self critical of our activities. We take errors, improvements and criticism as an opportunity for constructive further development of people, products and processes.
The health and life of our employees its preservation are at the focus of all our activities.
We accept the opportunities of the future, think ahead and are innovative.
When influencing the environment in connection with our business activities, we pay attention to a moderate use of resources and strive for reductions and avoidance of negative impacts.
Occupational safety and environmental protection is a permanent task for every manager.
We commit ourselves in all areas of our actions to comply with the relevant legal provisions and other requirements.
We place great importance to regularly qualifying and informing our employees in order to meet the constantly growing requirements.
We actively involve our employees in processes because each one contributes to quality, occupational safety and environmental protection.
We have integrated quality assurance, occupational safety and environmental protection fully into our internal communication.
Standardized processes and the observance of environmental protection and occupational safety in daily work contribute to consistent product quality.
We work sustainably on improving our processes and product qualities. Cleanliness and order are the indispensable foundation for this.
We encourage open dialogue with our customers, employees, suppliers and the public.
We continuously set ourselves goals to meet the obligations of our environmental, work and quality policy and to constantly develop further.
Based on this, we develop effective strategies to achieve the goals and implement them consistently.