Our Consistency

Effective 3 August 2020, the assets of our companies CFK Valley Stade Recycling GmbH & Co KG (CFK) and carboNXT GmbH (carboNXT) were transferred to Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials GmbH as part of a strategic acquisition. Our new owner is a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials AG (headquartered in Switzerland), a leading global manufacturer of high-performance thermoplastics and composite materials. With this acquisition, Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials AG is consolidating its leading role in promoting resource-saving economies.

As a new company of Mitsubishi Chemical Group, we also share the commitment to contribute to sustainable development through the vision "Realizing KAITEKI". As a KAITEKI company, we are committed to sustainability for people, the environment and society as a core value. We make an active contribution by offering solutions for recycling management.  Learn more about KAITEKI.

Our company was founded in Wischhafen located on the river Elbe in 2010. Its foundation has been solid for decades. We can draw on half a century of competence and experience in the fields of environmental services and secondary raw material production, as we originally emerged from the Karl Meyer Group, a supra-regional waste disposal service company.

At the Wischhafen site we offer a complete value chain by recycling carbon fibre waste and processing it directly into high-quality recycled carbon fibre products. 

You can still obtain our products under our well-known product name carboNXT.


With these high-quality products you can realise 100% of your ideas. Our process makes it possible to manufacture products according to your individual requirements. Our team supports you 100% during the development process. An extraordinary result is guaranteed.

100 % PURE

carboNXT products are of comparable high quality as virgin carbon fibers. Another advantage is the improved adhesion due to the purity of the fiber surface - especially suitable for thermoplastics.


Sustainability and resource conservation are essential components of our corporate philosophy. Our recycling process fully recovers the carbon fibers.